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There are approximately 30 varieties of almonds grown in California.  There are four major variety groups:  Nonpareil, Carmel Type, California (includes long types & short types), and Mission type.

Almond Varieties >>
USDA Grades

The most popular USDA grades are Extra No 1, U.S. No. 1 (Supreme), Select Sheller Run (SSR), and Standard Sheller Run (STD).  Using the same USDA grading standards, we can customize a specification starting from one of these grades.

USDA Grades >>
We are able to match our almonds to the specific quality requirements of each customer.

Ours products include in-shell and shelled almonds (organic and conventional) and a variety of packaging options:

  • Shelled almonds (conventional): 50 lb carton, 50 lb plastic E-Cube bags, IMT SupersacTM, IMT Tri-Wall Bin

  • Shelled almonds (pasteurized): 25 lb cartons, 50 lb carton, IMT SupersacTM, IMT Tri-Wall Bin

  • In-shell almonds: 50 lb bag

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